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Tamar Todd

Legal Director

New Approach PAC

Tamar Todd is an experienced attorney with expertise in policy advocacy, legislative drafting, statewide political campaign strategy, regulatory implementation, and non-profit management in the areas of drug law reform, cannabis law and policy, public health, and criminal justice. She is the former legal director of the Drug Policy Alliance, where she was responsible for developing and overseeing the organization’s legal work as it related to legislative drafting, policy advocacy, litigation, and public education in local, state and federal jurisdictions. She has a particular expertise in marijuana decriminalization, legalization, and regulation, and she co-authored several state and local ballot initiatives and statutes, including Amendment 64 in Colorado and Proposition 64 in California. She has advised the governments internationally on their efforts to legalize the production and distribution of marijuana, and she has testified in numerous legislative and government bodies in the United States and abroad on the issue of drug policy and the intersection of state and federal law. She serves as Vice-Chair of the California Cannabis Advisory Committee, which advises the California Bureau of Cannabis Control on the implementation of California’s marijuana legalization law.


Todd received her B.A. from the University of Vermont and her J.D. from the Georgetown University Law Center. After law school, she clerked for the Hon. Emmet Sullivan on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, and she spent several years representing death row inmates as a staff attorney with the Southern Center for Human Rights in Atlanta.

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Global Perspectives of Legalization

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Cross Border Markets & Commerce |  Regulatory
Tamar Todd |  Steve Fox |  Carlos Allan Malacara Cano |  Sandra Gogal
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We’ll cover where the power to regulate/enforce gets vested, and through which agency/agencies, how cannabis becomes legalized: whether through legislation, ballot measures, or litigation, and the COV...
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