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Sandra Gogal


Miller Thomson

Sandra is the Lead of Miller Thomson’s Cannabis Industry Group, consisting of approximately 60 lawyers, specializing in all aspects of the cannabis supply chain. She is recognized as one of the firm’s leading cannabis lawyers in the areas of regulatory compliance and licensing. Sandra routinely provides legal and strategic advice to local and national companies with respect to setting up and developing cannabis operations in Canada. Sandra has acted on several large and well-publicized public offerings in the Canadian cannabis industry and has assisted clients with  navigating the Cannabis regulatory landscape at the federal, provincial and municipal levels.

She has an in depth understanding of the issues facing cannabis entrepreneurs and investors and has provided advice and guidance to clients with respect to licensing for cultivation, production and sale, import and export of medical and recreational cannabis as well as industrial hemp, CBD and other cannabis related products. She has also provided guidance and advice to banks, credit unions, insurance companies and transportation companies relating to the risks and challenges in doing business in the cannabis space. Sandra’s cannabis clients include large producers, manufacturers, retail operators and distributers doing business in Canada and seeking to import and export product. Sandra was recently retained to draft a medicinal cannabis framework for a Caribbean state allowing for the regulated possession and sale of cannabis as well as the expungement of criminal records. She is a frequent speaker on the Cannabis laws in Canada,  having spoken at cannabis conventions throughout Canada,  New York, Philadelphia, Berlin, Las Vegas , Jamaica and Israel.

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Global Perspectives of Legalization

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Cross Border Markets & Commerce |  Regulatory
Tamar Todd |  Steve Fox |  Carlos Allan Malacara Cano |  Sandra Gogal
58 Minutes
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We’ll cover where the power to regulate/enforce gets vested, and through which agency/agencies, how cannabis becomes legalized: whether through legislation, ballot measures, or litigation, and the COV...
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