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Marion Mariathasan

Co-Founder & CEO


I have been involved in the cannabis industry since 2015 - initially as an investor.  Today, I serve as the CEO and Co-Founder of Simplifya - the leading regulatory and operational compliance company in the cannabis industry.  SImplifya provides compliance technology for licensed operators, banks, insurance, law firms and consultants. 

I am also the Founder and Chairman of Ceylon Solutions - a software development company that partners to build innovative software in many verticals that includes cannabis.  Some of the more recognized names in cannabis include New Frontier Data, Simplifya, Leafwire and Empyreal Logistics.   

I currently serve on the boards of five different companies - three of which are in the cannabis industry.   As a supporter of the cannabis movement, I have 18 active cannabis investments – two of which are international.   

I immigrated to Kansas from Sri Lanka when I was 7 years old. I attended both University of Kansas and Emporia State University studying Architecture, Computer Science and Computer Information Systems. After graduation, I took on my first technical role with a medical software company. Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to have held management and executive level positions with incredible companies – large and small. In addition, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to have either founded or be involved with many new startups over the years – four of which I’m highly involved with even today.

But I have to admit that some of my most valuable experiences have come from travel and from people I’ve had the opportunity to meet along the way. I’ve learned that humility and kindness is a virtue that I admire most about people and that no matter the level of education, wealth, power and status, everyone is equal. 

In my opinion, some of the most important things we can do in this life as human beings is to help others, give back to the community and treat all living things with respect and kindness.

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Ian Stewart |  Kristina Dahmann |  Marion Mariathasan |  Barak Cohen |  Neil Willner |  Paul Demko |  Eduardo Provencio, JD
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Cannabis law and policy continue to quickly evolve and the past year has seen major legal developments for the regulated marijuana and hemp industries. Moderated by Paul Demko, Cannabis Editor at POLI...
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