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Daniel Kruse

Hemp Entrepreneur and President

European Industrial Hemp Association

Daniel Kruse, a pioneer of the hemp industry for 26 years, is founder and managing director of Hempro International GmbH & Co. KG and HempConsult GmbH, two of Europe`s leading hemp players.  Kruse has more than 16 years of experience in hemp food production.


Hempro Int. (founded in 2002), one of Europe’s first and largest hemp food companies, produces raw material (seeds, hulled nuts, oil, protein) and offers branded hemp foods under the HANF FARM label.


Based on a strong international network HempConsult (founded 2012) follows industry trends and developments on the global hemp markets, conducts market research and serves entrepreneurs, start-ups, investors and other stakeholders of the industry as a consultant for the development of strategic goals and their successful and sustainable implementation.


Since 2013, Kruse has served as a board member of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA). In 2019 he was elected president of the EIHA.


At the EIHA Kruse is particularly active for his field of knowledge of cannabinoids in foods. For 15 years he has been involved in diverse topics in the field of THC and for 8 years also in the field of CBD. His cooperation with international experts and the advisory committee of EIHA combines the profound know-how from practice and science in the hemp and food industry. In course of this cooperation, various position papers and studies on THC and CBD in food have been drawn up and published.


Kruse represents industrial hemp stakeholders in front of the European Union and German governments, where his work has helped to advance the legal and regulatory framework for the hemp industry.


Trained as a banker, Kruse studied finance at Green Bay University in Wisconsin (USA) and Duesseldorf (Germany). He opened “HanfHaus,” a retail hemp retail shop in 1996, and in 1999 became Head of Sales as well as partner at HanfHaus GmbH in Berlin. Kruse founded Hempro International in 2002 to advance the development of hemp products, and to realise his vision: the successful combination of ecology and economy.

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Import / Export: The Cross Border Hemp Trade

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Cross Border Markets & Commerce |  Regulatory |  Licensing and Permitting |  Policy |  Hemp
Robert Hoban |  Daniel Kruse |  Eveline Van Keymeulen |  David Wenger |  Kai-Friedrich Niermann
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Take a look at the legal hemp trade, how biomass is moving, and what import and retail of cbd looks like around the world.
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