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Chris Eggers

CC Security Solutions

CC Security Solutions is one stop for all things Cannabis Security. What makes us different from other consultants in the security space is our real world knowledge from admitted burglars and robbers. We understand what they look for, what they are motivated by, and how your business would be targeted.

CCSS drafts Security Plans and assists with the implementation as you enter the permitting process(adult use and medical).

As regulation continues to fall on local law enforcement, Cannabis licensees are seeing a need to liaison with regulators. CCSS has deep roots within Law Enforcement and understand that language.


Uniquely qualified to protect your cannabis business.


CC Security Solutions offers:


-Security Plans for pre-permitted businesses, Security System design, and Security SOP development and implementation

-Security Assessments/Audits for existing businesss experiencing security issues, criminal activity, theft, loss, and other issues

-Fractional Security Management Services

     -Take the headache of all things security (guards, cameras, alarms, staff training, regulatory issues) off of your plate


  • I was an undercover cop in Oakland, California. To keep ourselves and the public safe and secure, we had to have a unique combination of talent, skills, and knowledge. I knew all of the unwritten rules on the street. I mastered the official regulations and compliance calls on local law enforcement. It’s what makes me a different and better cannabis expert. I’m here to protect you.
  • Security means much more than a camera, guard and alarm.  Having proper processes in place, understanding what offenders look for when targeting a person or business, and having a well rounded approach to written plans, SOP’s, security vendors and this all plays into the flow of your business is key to avoiding issues and protecting your people and product.  I learned from admitted burglars and robbers, exactly what they look for when targeting a person or business.  Trained in CPTED and Security audits through the American Crime Prevention Institute.  
  • I understand regulation and compliance as it relates to Law Enforcement and their growing role within the Cannabis Industry.  I am also a licensed Private Investigator focused on Cannabis investigations, Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation.

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Cannabis Security for Lawyers: An Overview

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Webinar with CLE credit |  Regulation law |  Administrative Law |  Litigation
Chris Eggers |  Mitzi Vaughn |  Michael F. Hennessey
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Learn about the licensing considerations, continuing obligations, and risk related to physical security in the cannabis industry, from mapping your business to liaising with law enforcement, and from ...
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