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Corinne Celko

Managing Shareholder

Emerge Law Group P.C.

Corinne Celko is the Managing Shareholder of Emerge Law Group and focuses her practice on land use and development law. Corinne has been involved in the implementation of Oregon’s cannabis legalization measure (Measure 91) and Oregon’s psilocybin services legalization measure (Measure 109) by working extensively with various cities and counties throughout Oregon to adopt land use regulations favorable to cannabis-related and psilocybin services-related uses. Corinne has also challenged local governments who have tried to adopt regulations that are too restrictive. She argued before the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals and Oregon Court of Appeals to win the first appellate case in Oregon deeming a local government’s cannabis regulations to be unreasonable under state law.

Corinne was the MC for one day of the inaugural Horizons Northwest Psychedelics Conference in Portland last year, and she also co-hosted a psychedelics-related panel, entitled “Healing Humankind with Psilocybin,” at the Juniper Preserve resort near Bend, Oregon. Corinne is passionate about advocating for and assisting the cannabis and psychedelics industries, as well as creating a strong and supportive community for the lawyers who serve those industries.