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Christopher Arneson

Senior Tax Policy Advisor

U.S. Senate Committee on Finance

Christopher Arneson is senior tax policy advisor with the U.S. Senate Finance Committee Majority Staff, where he has served for more than a decade, under Chairman Wyden, and previously, Chairman Baucus. He has primary responsibility on the Finance Committee staff for issues including income tax accounting, tax exempt organizations, estate and gift tax, and various special industry issues. 

Prior to joining the U.S Senate Finance Committee, he was a partner at Cirrus Digital Solutions, a digital media and public relations firm.

Mr. Arneson received a Master of Public Administration from American University, with an emphasis in public finance, tax policy, and economics; and he received a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and History as a double major from the University of Montana. He has served as editor of the Public Purpose Journal, the Montana Native News Project, and has authored numerous articles, staff reports, and discussion drafts. Mr. Arneson speaks frequently to professional organizations on tax and legislative topics.

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