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Valerie Taylor

Valerie Taylor

The Liberty Company Insurance Brokers

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Valerie Taylor
Vice President/ Producer The Liberty Company Insurance Brokers 


What we do:

Liberty is spearheading the evolving cannabis industry by offering creatively tailored insurance solutions. We are able to understand client needs and the changes of the regulatory environment. We provide broad and thorough coverage to all major cannabis classes of business.

Why this is helpful:

We are promoting peace of mind with great care.

With Liberty, there is no maximum number of locations available to you, as well as the process of making claims and ready occurrence forms. We offer waivers of subrogation, non-contributory wording, and retro active dates up to five years may be available to you.

Direct access to structured programs reducing fees and time

Low Minimum Premiums

Deductibles Starting at $0 for Qualified Accounts

INCBA Member Discount: We are offering a 10% discount on broker fees to all INCBA members and referrals.

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O 818-226-3560 l C 510-932-4418 



Primary Office Location

Bay Area

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